Choosing A Boat

Ok, so you’ve decided to take the plunge. You’ve decided that squirting’s where it’s at, and you want to get there ASAP. You need to get a boat! Here’s where the fun really begins – choosing your ride will be the single biggest choice in the whole process, and what you end up with will be the end result of figuring out where you sit in the following areas…

Step 1 - Sizing Yourself Up

Time and again, I see people asking about what squirt to get. They always lay out what they think are the important measurements: height, weight, foot size. That’s all great, but they’re ignoring the single most important measurement of all – INSEAM! Inseam, inseam, inseam…nothing else matters. Squirt boats are designed around a paddler’s inseam – the length of a person’s leg. You must find out what your inseam is before going any further; if you don’t know, take a measuring tape and measure the distance from your crotch to the floor. This will determine which boats will fit you properly, so that your feet are where they’re supposed to be – in the footbumps, as opposed to being jammed under the deck somewhere between cockpit and footbumps (ouch), or mashed into the tiny space in front of the foot area (big ouch). Once you figure this out, you can look at the options available on the market and find the ones that match your inseam, and move on to the next step. Height is largely irrelevant, as tall people can have short inseams, and short people don’t necessarily have inseams that match their stature either. Weight and foot size will both be accounted for in the cut of your boat. This is part of the beauty of squirting – your boat will be unique, custom shaped to your dimensions!