Who Ya Gonna Call?

This is the final step – where do I get this sparkly new ride of mine?

Angst – In the USA, the place to get Eric Zitzow’s Angst design, as well as selected Jim Snyder and Ian Thomson designs. http://www.come.to/squirt

Downtime – In Great Britain, they manufacture selected Jim Snyder designs as well as the Meltdown C-1, designed by Jason Buxton and Steve Block. http://www.webbcustom.co.uk

KS Designs – Manufacturers of the new French squirt design by Marc Lagarde, the Velvet. http://KSsurf.com

Massive – Designs by Ian Thomson, including the Groove C-1. http://www.massivekayak.com

The Upstream Edge/Mid-Canada Fiberglass – New owners of the Sin and Drain moulds, designed by Aaron Phillips. http://www.midcanscottcanoe.com

Murky Water Paddling Supply – In Canada, they build most of Jim Snyder’s squirt designs, Eric Zitzow’s Angst, the Groove C-1 designed by Ian Thomson, and a promising new design out of France by Pierre Villecourt/Thierry Puyfoulhoux called the Skunk. http://www.murkywaterkayak.com

PS Composites – In the USA, they build squirt designs by Jim Snyder, the Acrobat C-1 designed by Jon Lugbill and Davey Hearn, Corran Addison’s Oxygen C-1, and various other designs from names like Bill Hildreth, Kenny Sanders and John Frachella. http://www.customkayak.com

Technique Sports – In Great Britain, manufacturer of Andy “Snakey” Whiting’s Venom design. Distributed through Peak UK. http://www.peakuk.com

Note: Some of the above-listed builders have arrangements with importing companies in various countries around the world; contact the builder to find out if you will need to go this route.

For Used Boats…

There are many resources for finding used squirts. Internet buy/sell boards, paddling clubs, local retail shops, friends…all are good sources of information on who has boats for sale, etc. Just a few of the internet websites that often have squirt boats posted for sale are:

PS Compositeshttp://www.pscomposites.com