West Virginia's favourite son (19,762 bytes) Dustin Urban (16,693 bytes) Lars Romeski-Thinkin' bout sinkin' (17,914 bytes) Brian Sites goin' down (20,702 bytes)
Stro (16,371 bytes) Dan Guthrie (16,415 bytes) Keith Strausbaugh (22,249 bytes) Donnacha-back cuttin' (21,962 bytes)
John Wolfe (18,602 bytes) Jesse Wilensky (19,111 bytes) Brent Cooper (19,744 bytes) Nadine Cooper (19,945 bytes)
Val (20,434 bytes) Deb O'Keefe (20,331 bytes) Jim and Scott (19,134 bytes) Now THAT'S a lot of metalflake! (27,786 bytes)
James Roddick gets a prize (18,333 bytes) Brendan and his trophy-thanks Ian (20,785 bytes) Second place-Chris and Carl (22,449 bytes) Champs once again-Joel and Dave (22,951 bytes)
Chaos in the eddy (22,065 bytes) Dave Sitar sinkin' (20,696 bytes) Jim Snyder (20,099 bytes) Brian Sites heads for the eddy line (18,030 bytes)
Joel D. (18,518 bytes) Jeremy Laucks (18,639 bytes) Mary Kay in a tree (23,238 bytes) Harry, PS, and Jeremy watch the action (29,059 bytes)
Jude Martin (18,599 bytes) Spectators (27,319 bytes) Why is this guy not smiling? (26,836 bytes) Ireland's Nathan Quinlan (22,564 bytes)
Noah Frazer (23,158 bytes) What the Hell? (30,076 bytes) Scott D. (18,977 bytes)