So now you're all set to attend the Ottawa JimiCup....How do you get there?
The Ottawa River is very easy to get to!

Take I-81 through Watertown, NY to the Canada/US border. After crossing, pick up hwy. 401 West to Gananoque, Ontario. At Gananoque, take hwy. 32 North until it joins with hwy. 15.

Follow 15 North through Smiths Falls, until it meets hwy. 7. Take hwy. 7 East to the junction of hwy. 417. Take 417 West; it will become hwy. 17 West.

Follow 17 past the towns of Arnprior and Renfrew. Just past Renfrew, you'll see a sign for Storyland Road (#4), turn right here. Follow #4 around to the town of Chenaux (big stop sign here that you can't miss!). Continue through on #4 until you reach road #43, where you'll wanna turn right.

Follow this road past the hamlet of Foresters Falls and the cutoff for Owl Rafting and Wilderness Tours, and on to River Run Paddling Center. Once there, you'll find us camped in the "Upper Campground" section of the (paddlers) campground. Total drive time from Gananoque is approximately 2 1/2 hours.

***Note***: These directions are pretty straightforward, however an Ontario roadmap may be a useful tool to have along while reading them. You'll be travelling through rural Ontario; if you end up making a wrong turn, it may be a while before you find your way back to a main road!