Saturday: Daytime schedule TBD.

After Dinner - bonfire, with a canoe full'o B.Y.B.Brews - should be a good party. Due to the success of last year's Bring Yer Best Brew theme, we will be reprising it this year. The idea is simple - instead of a single keg of beer, everyone is asked to bring a 6-pack of their favourite microbrew to add to the canoe for others to try. This way, everyone is guaranteed to get at least one beer they like, and they get to sample the very best beers available from all over.

Sunday: 10:30AM (tent.) - Meet at Smoothie (RL eddyline above McKoy's). DT practice and competition, likely wrapping up around 2:00PM. "Awards Ceremony" to follow at River Run, with prizes donated by various contributors. The raffle prizes will also be drawn at this time.