The Lorne con't
The first section, "Black Chute", is named for the huge black tongue which forms the initial drop and accelerates you like a catapult into what appears to be a very trashy hole. Staying on the right side of the tongue allows you to tuck in behind the foam pile of the hole and eddy out on river left behind the whale-shaped rock which forms it; the massive Moby Dick. Following the eddy all the way up to the top, you can drop down onto the tongue again and ride it down until you are stopped by the foam pile of the hole (actually a big, breaking wave). You are now on what is possibly the fastest wave on the river - The Garburator, aka Space Shuttle. Surfing this sucker in a displacement squirt is not recommended - you really need to either plane effectively immediately, or your boat must possess a lot of bow rocker to avoid pearling. An inadvertent sub-out here places a squirt boater in a considerable amount of danger, as a very large rock resides on the river bottom downstream a short way. A pin here can fold a boat and break legs faster than you can say "snap, crackle, pop", and is to be avoided at all costs. That said, however, a ride on this wave is an exhilaration matched by few others.

Should you choose not to test the fates in The Garburator, the wave train which follows it is a playground unto itself for competent squirtists. Each wave is in the 5-6' range, and can offer up some dizzying cartwheel and screw sequences. Be aware of where you are, though - it pays to stay close to the right shore as you wheel your way down to the second section of The Lorne: Waikiki Waves.