The Lorne con't
Here, the river drops over a river-wide ledge that creates one of the ugliest holes on the Ottawa; the Greyhound Bus Eater. This is a truly sick, 10' pourover that extends more than halfway across the river, and has chewed up more than it's share of swimming rafters and unwary beginners. Easily avoided by an attentive boater, the hole is kept from extending to the river right shore by a very large rock that rests about 15' out from the shore. Right of this rock, the current drops down into another set of very large waves, the second of which is named Waikiki. Tall, steep and triangular, this monster is a screaming fast surf at levels between 3-6 on the river gauge. The nature of the wave causes it to surge, and a boater ripping it up can expect the wave to drop out from under, causing an immediate drop onto the face that his/her boat was firmly stuck to not a second before. Subbing out of Waikiki can be entertaining and heartstopping at the same time - a wave move can literally take you three waves back in the train before you resurface. Expect to be gone a while. At higher levels, just fighting your way across the boiling mess that is the eddyline and maintaining enough speed to catch the wave can be an epic endeavour. A couple of the rafting outfits on the river unload their crews here for snacks or lunch, so expect the usual comments if you go ashore to dump out or stretch ("Does that thing come with a periscope?" Har, har, har...). The third section features a playspot known as Pushbutton, and is reached by following the wavetrain down behind Waikiki and swinging left over a third, smaller drop. Pushbutton is a decent-sized, friendly hole that offers good blasting and cartwheel potential. It is followed by a wave train that feeds out into a swirling boily pool where three different currents converge. This can be a good spot for downtime, if you're patient and willing to wait. Just hang out by the eddyline until a big boil appears next to you, hit it and down you go for a safe, 3-5 second mystery. A smaller stream of current spilling into the pool off to river right also offers some good DT potential, though it can be fickle. It's one of the only spots on the river that can be accessed from a river right eddy - almost all the others are on river left. To the left of Pushbutton, there are some big rocks where weary squirtists can give their abs and feet a rest, and watch the action in the hole before heading on down to the next rapid - the aptly named Butcher's Knife, and the mystery spot that lies at the bottom of it: the infamous Brain Douche.